C-19 Service & Cleaning Update



Being a small guest house during these changed times is beneficial to public health and safety. There are multiple reasons for this. The main reason being a small number of team members required to operate the business and clean the rooms. This helps minimize risks from coming into contact with too many people during your stay. Also, a guest house or a bed and breakfastt will have fewer touch points not just in the bedroom, but also in the communal areas. Your chances of coming into contact with other people in a guest house are marginal less than in larger hotels. Despite that social distancing and mask-wearing are hugely important and we would encourage our guests to adhere to these rules where possible.

The Marlborough House Hotel in Oxford is well equipped with its kitchenette complete with microwave and refrigerator in each room to help social distance in a sufficient way. We want to be transparent about our cleaning routines and tactics to give our guests the assurance that we are doing the best we can to ensure the safety of their health.

Sanitizing stations: There are hand sanitizing stations at several points in the hotel, including the entrance and reception.

Check in procedure: Our check in procedure remains the same with the main difference being that all items like room keys, pens and payment terminals are sanitized before and after a guest uses them.  A large office space makes it easy to social distance during check in whilst still offering the comfort of meeting a receptionist who warmly welcomes the guests. Remote and keyless check in is good, but being able to meet someone in a new place is of paramount importance too.

Breakfast: Guests wishing to book a room with breakfast will be supplied with a variety of breakfast items with the chilled items being placed in the fridge and the ambient items being available in the kitchenette. No takeaway breakfast or breakfast box for guests staying at the Marlborough House Hotel in Oxford. Our guests enjoy breakfast in the comfort of their room while social distancing.   

Room cleaning after a guest has checked out: Where possible we are attempting to avoid re-entering a room to clean for at least 24 hours after a guest has checked out. All high touch points in the bedrooms and bathrooms are sprayed with disinfectant.  All staff members use the appropriate PPE such as tabards, masks and gloves when cleaning the rooms.  We will be using V-TUF sanitising compression pump sprayer with disinfecting liquid to ensure that all furniture and soft furnishings in the bedroom have been disinfected to a high standard. Key areas such as light switches, doorknobs, writing table tops, vanity counters, faucets the toilet handle, and the television remote are paid special attention to during our cleaning process.


During your stay: To decrease the risk of transmission our staff will be not be entering your room unless you request us to. We are committed to reduce the number of times we enter your temporary living space. There is an extensive list in your room of items you might require and we will replace those items at your request. 

Towels: Earlier, the advice was to reuse towels in order to reduce water wastage. But now, pressing health issues have overcome environmental concerns, and even unused towels are being changed after a guest checks out.

Communal Area: Small guest houses and B&B's have smaller communal areas to keep clean and disinfected. We are taking extra precautions to ensure that our coffee lounge is sprayed and wiped each morning and then repeating this cleaning regime after it has been used by any guests. All touch points in the communal area are being disinfected frequently through the day. Guests will also be able to take hygiene into their own hands, with dedicated disinfecting wipes available for use.

 Face Masks: Face masks will be available to purchase from reception at £1.99 each in case any guests require them.
Room Allocation: Wherever it is possible we will attempt to "quarantine" a room for 48 hours after a guest checks out before it is allocated again.

We have carried out an extensive risk assessment of our guest house to ensure the safety of our staff and our valued guests.

All that remains now is for me to wish you a safe travel and a happy and comfortable stay with us.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to the Marlborough House Hotelin Oxford in 2020 and beyond.

Kavita Pal 15/06/2020


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