Domestic Tourism – Let’s Encourage it!


In this current climate of uncertainty, where no plans can be formulated, we all need to find ways to carry on living a life which offers some degree of wellbeing. We have all become avid travellers, travelling far and wide to enhance our knowledge of various cultures and our experiences of how other civilisations live. The onset of the current coronavirus has stopped us all in our tracks! Suddenly all that we took for granted seems to be slipping away from our hands. But, we are human-beings and finding a way is what we do. I am convinced that once we have stopped feeling sorry for ourselves, we will find creative ways to deal with this issue too. When we search for it, the positive outcomes will present themselves to us. We are working globally to contain this virus and I am sure we will.

Like all other industries, the tourist industry looks set to take a knock back too. This can surely be avoided if we find productive ways to deal with these circumstances. At our bed & breakfast in Oxford we are constantly finding ways to remain cheerful and drive the business forward. With this thought in mind we would like to encourage domestic tourism. A tourist who travels in their own country is called a domestic tourist. Here is a fantastic opportunity for us to travel in the UK and rediscover our love of what the country has to offer. Hence travelling around and venturing to different places within the UK, while socializing and getting to know our own people suddenly looks very attractive. This simple experience will turn us from tourists into travellers. 


Oxford, a spirited town with young students by its side and a magnetic history at its back, waits to welcome the curious traveller with open arms. Here are 10 reasons to visit Oxford &  10 reasons to love Oxford -the City of Dreaming Spire. 

The long serving team at the Marlborough House Hotel are well versed with the various points of attractions in Oxford. It will be our pleasure talk to our guests and inform them where to go to meet the locals and how to find the hidden gems within this enchanting city.

Kavita Pal - 7/03/2020

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